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the form of light

Zincometal, a leader in the design and production of lighting poles, Masts and crash barriers in Greece and the Balkans. Driven by technological excellence, Zincometal’s action extends to over 20 countries in Europe and Africa. The ZINLUX LIGHTING brand, with two decades of history, is an important landmark and a key milestone for Zincometal in the field of integrated outdoor road lighting solutions. ZINLUX lighting fixtures is the result of the systematic efforts by the Zincometal Research and Development Department. Having been designed with high efficiency, smart functionality, and absolute respect for the environment in mind, with robots and humans joining forces to achieve optimal quality and safety.

Light is ZINLUX's protagonist, yellow is the reference color we used for it. The strong and bold typographic language throughout the catalog incorporates light's properties. Supplementary printing techniques are used to enhance a visual and a physical sequence.