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celestial vibrance

The festival’s visual identity embodies the vibrant power and radiant brilliance of the sun, a celestial entity revered for its profound influence on our existence. The central inspiration for our design concept is the sun, symbolized by the timeless shape of a circle. This represents the perpetual nature of its diverse manifestations, as well as unity, wholeness, and the cyclical nature of life and creativity.

Drawing from the sun's vitality and life-sustaining force, our design concept showcases a rich tapestry of artistic performances. Through theater, dance, music, and various art forms, we create a captivating spectrum of emotions and experiences. Our aim is to immerse festival attendees in an atmosphere that embodies the sun's potency, dynamism, and unceasing rejuvenation. Welcome to Thessaloniki Summer Festival, where creativity meets vitality, and the sun's radiance illuminates the world of artistic expression.