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printing survival kit

The world of printing can be a real adventure, and Print Odyssey understands that. In its kit for graphic designers and printers, the company brings together everything necessary for modern and efficient printing practice. From formatting, folding, binding, or special finishing, every printing process is represented. The Print Odyssey box includes 70 paper size options, 30 folding options, 35 post-print finishes and 6 binding techniques.

Geometrical forms based on the format and the symbolism of the unfolding of a piece of paper. Geometrical distortion in typography in order to reproduce movement and refer to the meaning of the word “odyssey”. Parts of Homer’s works and general information about the epic work of Odyssey are deployed on the layout of the applications. Illustrations of landscapes complete the whole concept of wandering.

size odyssey

The Size Odyssey consists of all the possible sizes that can be printed on 61x86 and 70x100 paper sheets without paper wastage, divided into two luxury packages. Why restrict your customer to 10 specific paper sizes when you can express yourself artistically in over 70 different sizes?

binding odyssey

The Binding Odyssey contains binding methods. There are many ways of combining multiple pages into a single finished piece, we showcase the most popular. Not sure which paper is best for your project, it also contains paper samples.

“Zeus who collects the clouds had second thoughts...”

folding odyssey

The Folding Odyssey contains over 40 possible folding options from which you can be inspired or showcase to your potential customer.

special finishing

The Special Finishing Odyssey contains samples of all possible finishing techniques that modern printing industry offers like embossing, debossing, foil printing, spot UV, etc. It also contains variant combinations of them, over 40 in total.

“may the gods rain down all kinds of fortune on your lives”