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Mastic Miracles

Greek Distillation Company EVA, after the production of their successful liqueur ‘Mastic Tears’, in collaboration with the company Tasting Miracles, join forces and present us with their new product ‘Mastic Miracles’, for which we were assigned to design its new packaging. The “tears of Chios”, as the drops from the puncture of the mastic tree are known, cost their weight in gold during the Middle Ages. We wanted this element, the sense of value, kindness, and wealth to be dominant in the new image of the product.

The pattern that was designed around the perimeter of the bottle, in a real color palette, has a direct reference to the technique of "scrapers", a traditional style that painted the facades of buildings in Pyrgi (Mastichochoria), southern Chios. The sgraffito technique was a type and way of decoration that was transferred to Mastichochoria during the Latin period. Maintaining this logic, we saw the surface of the container as a place to imprint the special identity, which accompanies the product and its origin.

The off-white silk screen printing technique was used on the body of the bottle. The simple design of the compositions characterizes the desire for purity not only in the image but also in the very nature of the product as a quality liqueur.