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comfort taste

Identity design for the new restaurant chain ‘Let Eat Be’. The design of the brand is based on the feeling that the phrase “let it be” exudes and the cheerful mood it gives. We designed a symbol that, like the name Let Eat Be, has two meanings. Along with the positive energy of the phrase, we wanted to capture the tasting ‘senses’ that the brand can evoke through the quality of its products.

We combine the product with a modern visual language with the essence of the phrase of the brand name, and the positive approach to everyday life in general. Yellow symbolically evokes optimism, joy, and spontaneity. It is associated with laughter, hope, and the sun. In design, it is often used to attract attention in a lively and at the same time simplistic way. A series of puns that revolve around the word "eat/it" complete the basic vision of the concept. Our approach has resulted in the listing of the logo as one of the best logos.