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Time is a line

Skordopoulos printing house offers since 1963 an innovative, complete range of printing solutions, adapted each time to the needs of each project. Wanting to thank his collaborators, he commissioned us to design a calendar, as a souvenir for the new year. The finding of the central tagline ‘I Walk The Line’, formed the basis of the original design. Time is a line. All the data we have for a period of time are coded, which we see or experience subjectively, to make time seem linear. As a result of the above, a system of strict geometry was created consisting of an ever-increasing (numerically) linear pattern (grid), proportional to each month.

12 months, 12 shades with the use of "special papers". With the gradual change from one color/paper to another, over the months, the original design idea is reinforced. Another abstract visualization of the continuous flow and alternation of time.
Highlight: the hidden bookmarks of the months, inside the trunk of the double-picked, in the already existing french folding.