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the mediterranean
diet revisited

Foodprint is a cross-media project that tells the story of the creation of the Mediterranean Diet and explores why it is relevant to our lives today. It brings alive a history of sustainability, health, and exchange, helping to explain how simple peasant food became part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage and has come to be celebrated as one of the world’s richest and healthiest food cultures. Connecting Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia, and Cyprus, the project is based on a contemporary traveling photography exhibition bringing alive an age-old way of life practiced across the Mediterranean for centuries. Parallel activities include documentary screenings, educational programs, food photography workshops, online cooking, and migrant walks. Foodprint ultimately seeks to inspire change and to connect a European audience with the past of a region, which although marked by poverty and hunger, created the world’s healthiest and most sustainable diet.

The indirect reference to the "form" of the nutritional "Pyramid" is our design finding, in the development of the brand. The properties of the shape of the triangle, in addition to the visual representation of the eating habits of the Mediterranean Food Pyramid and the creation of a monogram (M / Mediterranean), also aim at the interpretation of concepts such as progress, guidance, evolution, and well-being, which are also the essence of the project actions.

The foodprint (footprint pun) as a means of measurement, seeks the ecological "footprint" of the Mediterranean Diet in ecology and primarily in our body. A logo system was created to enhance the sense of the footprint or imprint. In addition to the shape of the triangle, the transfer of the sense of "trace" is also transferred to the management of typography.

We take advantage of repetition as part of the process. Adding or removing letters creates a triangular shape in each row. In this way, on the one hand, the reference to the movement, the action, and the continuous effort to achieve the goals is visualized, and on the other hand, the reference to the reduction of the environmental footprint.