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“ArXellence” is an international architectural competition by ALUMIL company. In the second year of operation running, “ArXellence: 02” aimed to receive innovative ideas from the global architectural community regarding the creation of a new Central Business District (CBD). This year, the main theme was the regeneration of the west coast of Thessaloniki.

We were commissioned to redesign the visual identity and exhibition graphics, that support the ambition and vision of the institution. Our aim was to create a brand mark based on a modular system and ever changing, while also visually communicating the notion of the word “excellence”, creating a distinctive navigation system, easily identifiable.

A 348-page collective catalog was designed, using different printing techniques, showcasing the winner's and participants' submissions. This publication takes you on a visual journey of discovery and wonder.

The final results were presented in an exhibition, in September 2021, at the Digital Transformation and Digital Skills Center (DT&S)—Cisco in Thessaloniki.

1.464 registrations
90 countries
173 submitted projects

The participation in "ArXellence: 02" exceeded any expectations: 1.464 registrations from 90 countries and 173 submitted projects. The overall evaluation by the international jury resulted in 6 awards and 4 equal honors, meeting the UIA criteria.