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A place of trade

The 54th Dimitria is a cultural institution with roots in time, having created its own tradition. It highlights innovative artistic trends, dance and theatre events, concerts and musical events, workshops and art exhibitions. Two are the pillars underlying the design of this year’s festival poster series. One is directly related to the historically multicultural background of the city’s urban center. Many different identities, experiences, stories. A peculiar communication. Somewhere here also lies the second axis which is directly related to the exchange of these ideas, views and feelings. Art interacts with humans, and in some ways, as a new breath, it affects humans.


Influences from typographical elements of the Byzantine, Cyrillic, Armenian and Jewish alphabets have played a role in the creation of a new Demetria font that encompasses the multi-dimensional identity of the city (Greek & Latin characters).


Thessaloniki, a port city: Extroverted, multilingual and dynamic. Rethinking the past, the history of the city presents significant changes that have led to the creation of a cosmopolitan and multicultural urban center, made up of experiences, moments and stories. Stories that demonstrate the possibility of another, greater identity, that can hold many identities within it, treating them with respect and understanding. Without oppressing them or trying to eliminate them, and living and breathing through the common experiences of peoples, in addition to differences in language, color, or religion. Such stories are obviously not just about the past. On the contrary, they can play a role in the present and the future, reinforcing a corresponding spirit of understanding, togetherness and communication.


Dimitria comes to reinforce the concept of interaction, making Thessaloniki a modern "place of trade". They represent the identity of an urban space that is influential, but at the same time influential, through exchanges (ideas, culture, artistic trends, emotions). In the past during the Dimitria period it is said that there were exchanges between inland and seafood products. By redefining the meaning of exchanges, we are not only referring to the commercial, but to all those that occur insignificantly in the development of the contact between the individual and the space around him. The city is transformed into a place that promotes the exchange of experiences, ideas, feelings and opinions by creating continuous interaction between individuals.