print odyssey


Print Odyssey, a composite sample book for new designers, which consists of 4 parts.


Size Odyssey, which consists of most templates for possible print shapes of various dimensions with minimum waste on paper sized 70x100cm, 64x88cm or 61x86cm.


Folding Odyssey, which consists of 30 possible folding methods of various dimensions for leaflets of many or few folds.


Special Finishes introduces samples of all the possible post-print operations of graphic arts, in solitary or combined.


Binding Odyssey includes samples of all possible bookbinding methods. Brandmarks with lettering and direct reference to post-printing methods like bookbinding, πύκμανσης, diecuts etc.


Geometrical forms based on the format and the symbolism of the unfolding of a piece of paper. Geometrical distortion in typography in order to reproduce movement and refer to the meaning of the word “odyssey”. Parts of Homer’s works and general information about the epic work of Odyssey are deployed on the layout of the applications. Illustrations of landscapes complete the whole concept of wandering.